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Eugene Kavanagh 



It takes only a glance at Eugene Kavanagh's life to see his devotion to encouraging and upbuilding the lives of those around him. He graduated from Cedarville College in Ohio and from there he continued his education in school administration with a Master's degree from Miami University. Not only did Eugene teach high school, he also was the superintendent of five different schools in Ohio. 

His services to our country went far beyond the classroom and he served in the United States Army during the World War II. As a result of Eugene's passions he has recieved countless awards and recognitions throughout his life including two bronze stars for exemplary service.

From serving in the army and investing in the lives of students, to preserving farmlands for the generations to follow, Eugene's life has left an impact not just on the earth but on the hearts of people.


At the closing of his life in 2011 Eugene fulfilled his final dream, which was to give life to the Eugene and Dorothy Kavanagh Wildlife Farm. Eugene, along with his wife Dorothy, have left their legacy here to change and inspire us all. 

Eugene and his wife Dorothy 
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